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“We, after working in architectural filed in our country and participating in internal competition, we felt to be in challenges of international competitions and certainly we will be witness of the positive effect of this issue in our professional work.” “There is always a consistent struggle with decision-making and self-doubt that I continually experience. Participating in architecture competitions excitingly positions you to face that discomfort and come to a resolution.” “Architecture competitions are opportunities for us to test new ways of representation and design. As young architects, they also allow us to forge a work methodology and to sharpen our architectural discourse. Moreover, the competition subjects allow us to push concepts quite far, and to re-use the best of them in our work.” “Many international students participate for the BUILDNER’s architecture competition, and the panels and plans for the projects became so much inspiration to us. It has been very helpful for us to do the project and we have been interested in your competition for several years.” “Through competitions you are able to express yourself in a very raw and creative way – straight from your soul. An idea is growing without all the noise of daily (work-)life. Viewed upside down, it’s also a way of finding yourself by researching topics you identify with.” “Architectural competitions, such as this one, give us the opportunity to step out of our day-to-day routine and explore new concepts and ideas. They are the perfect way to boost our personal portfolios and get the desired recognition while increasing our creativity and imagination.”

“I do enjoy remixing the Knowledge of interactive disciplines within my design. Construction, Mathematics, Mechanics, Computers, Shipbuilding, Science Fiction, Literature etc. Based on this, the process from conception to completion of a proposal could be so fascinating.” “Competitions could be a fascinating glimpse of being passionate, creative, experimental, more serious, and be desperate on something that you really care about. You don’t have to struggle with bureaucracy, budget, or worry being political means.” “It became a fun and educational extracurricular activity ever since my student days when I, with a group of colleagues, entered our first big competition and won the third prize.” “It became a fun and educational extracurricular activity ever since my student days when I, with a group of colleagues, entered our first big competition and won the third prize.”


“I usually don’t participate in competitions, but the topic of solving affordable housing (simultaneously with the problem of sprawl) is near and dear to me as someone who values nature’s role in cities, and wishes for everyone to be able to live with dignity and comfort.” “Competition work is an opportunity to engage with often interesting narratives and contexts outside of your everyday experience.” “I think that it allows myself to go a step further and get out of the profile of projects that I have usually been able to face.” “On one hand we can address some of the contemporary problems, on the other we can test our ideas relating to geometry, presentation, function or typology.”

“We can think out of the box and try different kinds of concepts and new experiments. Thinking conceptually, applying new ideas and developing sketches into actual buildings and concepts – in some small measure, it is a feeling of the divine, because you are allowing something that was not there to be created. It appears later in its context, providing meaning and experience.” “Competition is the moment to be involved in different themes and scale, sometimes to do pure research with less constraints of real world, sometimes to confront with projects about your professional interests to indagate new solutions.” “We see competitions as a challenge of our strength and potential. It goes beyond the boundaries of a real project and inspires us to explore our creativity, energy, and new techniques.”

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